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Promotion: projects

Promotion activities create the opportunities and/or the conditions to contact new customers and develop the operators’ business. Promotional events help operators to network with potential customers and to enhance their reputation. Furthermore, they can help to introduce organic products on new markets and build relationships with new customers.

Bioagricoop also promotes networks of organic operators, consortium and temporary companies associations in order to:
  • Approach new markets.
  • Coordinate common activities and services (market r esearch, advertising, promotional events etc.).

A very important part of Bioagricoop activity is represented by cooperation projects. Bioagricoop participates, as project leader or project partner, in national and international projects, usually co-finaced by the European Union and/or the Italian State.
Bioagricoop concentrates its efforts mostly on projects related to the promotion of European organic and typical products in non EU countries (i.e. China, South East Asia, India, Latin America etc.) or in the promotion of organic farming practices and sustainable development in Third Countries.

International Cooperation Projects Print E-mail
For more than thirty years Bioagricoop has been working with the European Union and it has aquired an excellent reputation thanks to the several projects lead successfully.

National Cooperation Projects Print E-mail
National cooperation projects are mainly focused on environmental issues such as rural development, organic farming, renewable energies and also health and education.