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Promotion, training and research in bio-organic
agriculture and sustainable development

Bioagricoop is a no profit organization born in 1984 as a cooperative to contribute actively to spread innovations in bio - organic agriculture both at national and international level.

Through the division in thematic areas of activities and the adoptions of new operatives tools, the organization proposes to improve noticeably the agro- eco- systems management, considering the economical aspects as well as the ecology and the social compatibility.
The organization's work strategies are based on the internal know-how and the experience in promoting the dialogue between agricultural production units, operators, researcher and experts.
The organization is structured to give specialist contributions in different thematic areas; various flexible tools are used to reach the main target and to guarantee a sharing innovation in bio-organic agriculture, always considering the different circumstances and productive chances as well as the operator's needs and characteristics.



18 years experience in agro-food chain


In 1984 Bioagricoop started its activities as a team of technicians, agronomists, experts in agro-food chain, beginning the first independent technical organic agriculture and food products monitoring and control body.
In 1985, to promote the development of organic agriculture, the co-operative joined and animated IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), actively defining organic agriculture norm's regulation.
In 1996, it become the first company in Mediterranean area accredited by IFOAM for the certification of plant and animal products, processed products and natural harvests. Bioagricoop has always promoted the development of organic product control procedures, encouraging development of this sector; in 1988 received the firs assignment from the Agriculture and Foods Emilia Romagna Regional Department to carry out a study on the development of organic agriculture in the region. In the same year the cooperative promoted the constitution of AQB (the Organic Quality Association) to guarantee and control the quality of organic productions.
In 1993 Bioagricoop obtained the recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests as a national organization for control and certification of organic products (in accordance with EEC Reg. 2092-91 with Decree no. 17911/GL/771). The same year Bioagricoop played an active role establishing FIAO (Italian Federation for Organic Agriculture). Since then, the company has started control, inspection and promotional activities: organization of educational days on organic agriculture and the control system, development of national and international projects dealing with sustainable development, definition of production norms, creation of new standards for organic production and development of market studies.

Bioagricoop has been qualified by SINCERT, IFOAM and many other accreditation body for its activity of certification and development of organic agriculture. Nowadays Bioagricoop works actively in diffusion of "organic culture". The result is a spread presence all over the world (Latin America, South East-Asia, Mediterranean area, East Europe).


From certification to participative organic agriculture development


Human resources and a long experience let Bioagricoop set up an active and efficient organizations.

Bioagricoop, first established "Bioagricert" as own organic guarantee mark for organic products certified by it, then for structural and operative reasons set up the basis on which organize a new independent society that operates in the certification and control system with the same professionalism and impartiality that has characterized Bioagricoop for years.

In 2002 Bioagricoop delivers certification and inspection activities to Bioagricert and continues to actively spread and promote organic agriculture and sustainable development.